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Divorce Mediation in Florida: Economical, Efficient and Effective

Have you and your spouse reached an impasse in discussions about your divorce? Are issues such as custody, support and property division impeding your progress? At Family Law Solutions, we work to help you find consensus and resolve your family law issues in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Since 1975, our lawyer's talent for negotiating disputes has helped many companies and families avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation. We can provide an economic and effective resolution to your divorce or family law issue Divorce mediation is our "much better way" of resolving your differences.

You do not have to leave your marriage in tatters. You can restore civility to your divorce. You can still save your relationships with your children. Contact Family Law Solutions in Clearwater. Call 727-565-0287 for an initial consultation.

"When divorcing parents cede to the judicial branch of government, the duty to decide the most intimate family issues, it is not unlikely that one or both parents will be less satisfied with the decision.

The bench and bar have, for years now, encouraged divorcing parents to resolve their differences through mediation. In effect, parents have been urged to make their own law, in the hope that they can better live with a decision that is their own, rather than a decision that is externally imposed." Card v. Card, 706 So. 2nd 499 (Fla. 1st DCA 1998)

Family Law Solutions Can Show You a Much Better Way to Say Goodbye

Our law firm's founding attorney mediates family law disputes that concern:

We work hard to identify common ground, to resolve your differences. Our neutral posture and constructive recommendations can touch upon family budgets, financial obligations, custody and visitation schedules, non-marital and marital assets.

Contact us to reserve your initial consultation at Family Law Solutions.

Looking for an Alternative to Costly, Lengthy Divorce Litigation? Contact Us.

Call 727-565-0287 or e-mail our Clearwater law offices. We also serve clients in St. Petersburg and counties of Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough.

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