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Do You Need Modifications to Your Florida Divorce Agreement?

Jobs are won, enjoyed and lost. A divorce is followed by another marriage. A parent can be deployed for military service. Children become older, and face rising expenses.

For all of these situations, a modification of your divorce settlement agreement may be necessary. When differences arise as to how to achieve them, mediation can be the better way to resolve them.

At Family Law Solutions we work with couples to find workable agreements to a variety of family law issues. We use a calm and cooperative approach to achieve consensus. Our lawyer's neutral posture sets the tone for your constructive exchange of views. You will quickly see the benefits of arriving at your own decisions, rather than allowing a court to do it.

Mediation can work — following your divorce, as well as before it. When a significant change in circumstances warrants a modification in your final judgment, contact us. We can inform you of your options at your initial consultation. Call 727-565-0287.

When mediation is not effective and the courtroom is the only way to resolve your dispute, you can rest easy knowing you have a skilled and experienced litigator at your side.

At Family Law Solutions, We Use Mediation to Help Settle Your Differences

Our certified family mediator has helped couples to agree on post-decree modifications for:

Some aspects of your divorce can be modified. When disagreements on modifications surface, we use methods of mediation to locate common ground.

We think you will appreciate the advantages of mediation. The process promotes economy, a spirit of cooperation and leaves responsibility for decisions where they should be — with you. Contact our Family Law Solutions attorney. Find out more about a much better way to co-exist and prosper, through mediation.

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