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Mediation Methods Can Resolve Your Paternity Issues

Are you seeking to establish paternity, and begin or resume a role in your child's life? Are you a birth mother with paternity needs, to enforce child support obligations?

Don't delay a resolution to a matter this important. If you are seeking to establish or deny paternity, contact our Family Law Solutions office today. We are glad to show you how mediation can work to resolve your disagreements. Together we can find a resolution that all parties can live with.

You may want to question the legitimacy of a child. You may feel you deserve a portion of time-sharing rights. Whatever your paternity legal need, we can address it during your initial consultation with us.

Family Law Solutions handles paternity, divorce and family law disputes for clients in Clearwater and St. Petersburg as well as Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough Counties. Contact us for an initial consultation. Our phone number is 727-565-0287.

Whatever Your Paternity Issue, We Can Help

If you want us to expedite a DNA test to establish your parental rights, we will work to make that request a reality and inform you of your options.

If your goal is to disavow paternity, our skilled attorney can handle your paperwork and usher you through the legal process. Flexibility on both sides of such a question would be necessary for mediation to work. In mediation, the decisions are yours to make, rather than for a court to decide.

If we can bring both of you together, to discuss a common ground for further talks, we are glad to. Our advice is customized to fit your unique situation. A "cookie cutter" result will never serve you well.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

For Confidential, Cost-Efficient Results, Contact Family Law Solutions

Call our lawyer at 727-565-0287. We respond promptly to all overnight phone and e-mail messages.

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