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If you and your spouse are considering getting a divorce, this is naturally an emotional time. The added anxiety of a trial can quickly cause emotions to escalate.

At Family Law Solutions in Clearwater, Florida, we offer pre-divorce mediation services to help divorcing couples avoid the pitfalls of litigation. Pre-divorce mediation provides an alternative for couples to establish common ground with a focus on obtaining an amicable divorce. Contact our law firm online or call 727-565-0287 to discover how you can resolve disputed matters without a bitter fight.

Offering Pre-Divorce Mediation Services in Clearwater, Florida

Our law firm's founding attorney, Robert M. Todd, offers more than 36 years of experience litigating and mediating highly contested matters. He has seen firsthand relationships destroyed when decisions are made by a judge outside of the disputing parties' control.

At Family Law Solutions, we believe you and your spouse know better than anyone else the best way to resolve divorce-related matters, such as:

To help couples remain in control of their destiny, Robert M. Todd became a certified family law mediator. He is available to act as a neutral third-party to help you and your spouse reach a mutual agreement in a cooperative manner. Pre-divorce mediation is designed to lay the groundwork for an amicable divorce.

Pre-divorce mediation can be compared to a postnuptial agreement. If a divorce is looming, pre-divorce mediation can be an effective way to sort out critical details when you both remain on amicable terms.

Mediator Robert M. Todd is committed to helping you sort out your finances and discuss a parenting plan before filing for divorce. When you decide to get a divorce, you can feel confident that everything is in order. The agreement you reach in pre-divorce mediation can ultimately be approved by a judge and eliminate the need for a contested trial.

Contact Our Post-Nuptial Agreement Lawyer in St. Petersburg

Similar to a postnuptial agreement, pre-divorce mediation is designed to help you get everything in order before filling for divorce. Contact our divorce law firm in Clearwater, Florida, to schedule a no-hassle consultation with a highly skilled mediator. We are committed to helping clients in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and surrounding areas remain in control of their future.

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