Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Clearwater

Understandably, emotions may be running high if you and your spouse are considering filing for divorce. Your first reaction might be to secure your rights with the help of an aggressive family law attorney. The time and money you spend could unfortunately set the groundwork for a combative divorce process.

At Family Law Solutions, in Clearwater, Florida, we do not want to add fuel to potentially contentious situations. We are committed to helping clients obtain an uncontested divorce through mediation. Even if you and your spouse are on different terms, mediation can be used to help you both find common ground in resolving your differences. Contact our law firm today to meet with a highly skilled uncontested divorce attorney in Clearwater, Florida.

Pursuing an Uncontested Divorce Through Mediation

For more than 36 years, our founding attorney, Robert M. Todd, has litigated and mediated highly contested matters. He has seen firsthand the value in helping clients avoid the emotional and financial pitfalls of trial. To help clients achieve an amicable divorce, Robert Todd became a certified family law mediator.

He is committed to acting as a neutral, third-party to facilitate an open discussion between you and your estranged spouse. As a mediator, his focus is not to advocate for either side. Instead, Robert M. Todd's job as a mediator is to foster a collaborative approach for you and your spouse to find common ground in resolving divorce-related issues, such as:

Mediator Robert M. Todd is committed to helping you sort out your differences. Once you are on the same page, the uncontested agreement you reach can be approved by a judge and eliminate the need for a contested trial.

Contact Our Mediation Attorney in St. Petersburg, Florida

Mediation is designed to help you and your spouse avoid a long and drawn out divorce process. However, we recognize that in some instances, mediation does not work. When you select our law firm, you can be assured that you will have access to both an experienced mediator and an experienced litigator to assist you with the path you choose. Contact our law firm in Clearwater, Florida, today to meet with a highly skilled marital settlement lawyer.

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