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How do you find the right Florida law firm to assist with your divorce? If you are hoping to avoid the emotional and financial expense of trial, select a law firm focused on helping you and your divorcing spouse find common ground.

Offering Cost-Efficient, Confidential Family Law Solutions

At Family Law Solutions in Clearwater we focus our practice on meditating family law issues. Through mediation, you can save yourself time, money and spare yourself the typical emotional wear-and-tear of a contentious divorce. We work to help you and your spouse keep the lines of communication open to transition into a better, happier life after divorce.

Find out more about how Family Law Solutions can ease the financial and emotional burden of divorce. Contact our law office online or call 727-561-9119 to reserve an initial consultation.

Certified Family Law Mediator Focused on Securing Amicable Solutions

Our firm's certified family mediator, Robert M. Todd is committed to helping you control your own destiny. When you select our law firm, your future won't be decided by strangers in a courtroom. We foster a cooperative approach designed to help couples reach a mutual agreement in a calm and cooperation environment. The process is economical and promotes teamwork that your children will appreciate. Mediation is, in short, a much better solution.

While mediation is an effective way to resolve family law matters, we know that in some instances it does not work. At Family Law Solutions you can be assured that if mediation fails, you have a skilled and experienced litigator who is dedicated to you and your goals.

Decades of Experience, Attentive Personal Service

For more than 36 years, family law attorney Robert M. Todd has used mediation, pre-divorce mediation and negotiation techniques to resolve a wide range of divorce and family law-related matters, such as:

We are proud of our reputation for being able to negotiate or mediate any dispute. Whether your disagreements center on distribution of assets or your children's needs, a modification or a parental relocation, we can help.

Want to find out more about approaches to resolving family law matters? We will show you how divorce mediation can be a peaceful, economical and civilized way to find closure with family law concerns.

Contact a Highly Skilled St. Petersburg Parental Relocation Attorney

Whether you have relocation concerns or need to modify your child custody arrangement, contact our law firm online or call 727-561-9119 to schedule a consultation with a highly skilled Clearwater divorce lawyer. We offer mediation or representation to clients in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Area.

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