Property Division


When money is on the line, emotions can quickly escalate. Financial concerns are often a leading factor in highly contested divorces. If you are getting divorced, understandably you may fear losing your hard-earned nest egg as a result of your divorce.

At Family Law Solutions in Clearwater, we believe litigation can set the groundwork for a combative divorce process. Our law firm does not want to add any fire to a potentially contentious situation. We offer divorce mediation services focused on helping clients establish common ground in securing an equitable distribution of their marital property. If you and your spouse are getting divorced, contact our law firm today to meet with a highly skilled property division lawyer in Clearwater, Florida.


In Florida, any property acquired during your marriage needs to be split equitably between you and your spouse. This includes retirement assets, such as a pension or a 401(k) plan.

Property division can be particularly challenging. While there is a presumption that is should be equal, an equitable distribution does not necessarily mean a 50/50 split. Each party maybe entitled to an equal value of the property obtained during marriage. Property cannot simply be split right down the middle since divorcing parties are forced to determine how their house, cars and other assets are divided.

This can directly affect how retirement plans become distributed. For example, if you are getting divorced, you maybe entitled to 50 percent of your spouse's retirement plan for the years he or she was employed during your marriage. This can be highly sensitive. Some individuals may choose to keep all of their retirement plan or a larger share of it, in exchange for the family home or other assets of equal value.

At Family Law Solutions, our founding attorney, Robert M. Todd, is a certified family law mediator. He is committed to acting as a neutral third party to facilitate an open conversation about your marital property. His role is to help you find common ground in identifying the value of your mutual assets. Through working together, you may discover that one of you prefers maintaining a larger percentage of the retirement plan instead of other assets. Our approach is to help you look at the large picture to carve out a strategy, taking into account all of your mutual assets, instead of offering a narrow lens.


Dividing assets after divorce can be particularly challenging. Contact our law firm today to discover the benefit of working with a certified family law mediator focused on helping you avoid unnecessary disputes. Our law firm is committed to representing clients in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and surrounding areas in Florida.