Collaborative Law Attorney in Clearwater

If you are considering a divorce, you have a lot at stake. You may be concerned about losing your financial position or even time with your children. When emotions are high, litigation can create a battleground for divorcing parties to face off against each other.

At Family Law Solutions, we help clients find common ground instead of adding fire to a potentially contentious situation. Our founding attorney, Robert M. Todd, offers more than 36 years of experience practicing in alternative dispute resolution. He has seen firsthand the value of disputing parties staying in control of their futures instead of relying on a judge to make decisions for them. Contact our law firm today to learn how alternative dispute resolution can help you avoid the financial and emotional toll of trial.

Focusing on Alternative Dispute Resolution

Clearwater attorney Robert M. Todd has extensive experience negotiating, mediating and collaborating resolutions between divorcing parties, Fortune 500 companies, local government and major utilities. He has an intricate understanding of these different forms of alternative dispute resolution. When you select our law firm, family law attorney Robert Todd will help you identify the most effective type of alternative dispute resolution based on your individual situation.

Collaborative Law Provides an Alternative to Trial

Collaborative law is designed to provide disputing parties with an alternative to trial. Each side is represented by their own legal counsel focused on preserving their clients' best interests. To make this happen, each side generally hires specialists such as accounting experts and counselors focused on positioning their client for a favorable resolution.

Collaborative law can be particularly effective in high-asset divorces when each side has money to spend on legal counsel. Unfortunately, risks are inherent in collaborative law. If each side is unable to reach a resolution, the process is put to a halt. Disputing parties would have to scrap everything and start over to achieve a solution.

Mediation Helps Divorcing Parties Establish Common Ground

We are committed to helping divorcing parties avoid unnecessary risk. Robert M. Todd is a certified mediator with extensive experience helping each side find common ground to resolve family law-related issues, such as:

In divorce mediation, Robert M. Todd acts as a neutral third-party focused on fostering an open environment for each side to discuss viable solutions. This can also be a cost-effective approach since each side splits the cost of working with a mediator. We are committed to helping you and your spouse reach a mutual agreement in a cooperative manner.

Contact Our Divorce Mediation Lawyer in St. Petersburg

We do not offer one-size fits all solutions. Our law firm is committed to helping you identify the type of alternative dispute resolution that would be most effective for your situation.

Contact our law firm today to meet with a highly skilled Florida attorney. You can be assured that you will have access to both an experienced mediator and family law attorney to assist you with the path you choose.

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